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About Noah&Lil

 Noah&Lil is an online shop that’s directly supporting native wildlife.

The founder created Noah&Lil to provide useful & beautifully designed products to sell to raise funds. This is to help cover the expenses of wildlife rescue & rehab which she has spent thousands of dollars funding herself.

She didn’t want to simply ask for donations but rather supply people with a product to purchase with the proceeds going directly back to either rescues or rehab of wildlife.

She teamed up with Constructive Reality who takes 90% of the professional photographs displayed on our social media and or products.

At times we put a call out for donations of things like an enclosure, snails or rabbits but overall we prefer to sell our products to raise the funds.

This gives the buyer something they can actually see and hold, and in turn help raise awareness towards the plight of our incredible wildlife. They can look at it and know that their purchase helped a volunteer get to a rescue, or helped feed an animal in care.

We aren’t here to make money and get rich, if we were, we would not be running Noah&Lil.

We are here to try to cover a fraction of the expenses that we pay and also whenever possible help those we see firsthand volunteering tirelessly at their own expense.

We really want people to fall in love with our unique fauna, we need to do something fast to prevent losing more species and this will only happen when more people see just how much trouble our native animals are in.

You see some of the rescues we attend & see some of the animals be rehabilitated and eventually returned to the wild. We want you to be apart of their journey because we want our Aussie wildlife to be protected.

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